Min Kyung Hoon

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­­­­Kyung Hoon Min





Teaching experience

2007 – 2014 Principal and senior instructor

Lectures oil painting, drawing, sketching and

mixed medias at Wha-ga Son (Academy of

Artist’s Hand)

1997 – 2002 Principal and senior instructor

Lectures water color, drawing, sketching and

mixed medias at Grimchon (Art Village)

Solo Exhibition

 "Here I Am VI" April, 2019 Good Morning Hospital Gallery. Korea

 "Here I Am V"   Sep, 2018 Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA

 "Here I Am"      Feb, 2018 Ruterford 55Kip Center, NJ, USA
 “Here I Am IV” July, 2017 North Port Caffe Portofino, Long Island

                                                 NY, USA

 “Here I Am III” Feb, 2017  Rutherford 55Kip Center, NJ, USA

 “Here I Am III” Des, 2016  Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA

 "Here I Am II"   Aug, 2015  Darak Gallery, Korea

 “Here I Am”      Aug-Sep 2014  Pyeongtaek-si, Wootdali Culture village, Korea
  “Exhibition by Kyung Hoon Min” Sep,2013~present Pyeongtaek city

                                                                Senior Center, Pyeongtaek, Korea

  “Here I Am”      May, 2012  Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA

  "Booth Solo Exhibition"  2011~2014  Pyeongtaek Culture Center, Korea


Group Exhibition

April  The 37th Sosabul Art Festival 2019 Pyeongtaek Culture Center, Korea 

April  2018 The 11th Annual Jersey City Youth Art Award and Invitational Art Exhibition  Jersey City Hall, NJ, USA
Oct    2017 MOSAIC III KOREAN-New York Artist Group Exhibition NY, USA

Sep   2017 42th Rutherford Labor Day Street Festival NJ, USA  

Aug  2017 Mediating Dreams Gallery Sree Arts New Delhi India

Aug  2017 Art Mora Opencall Exhibition NJ, USA

May – June 2017  2017 communication festival, Pine plaza, NJ, USA

May  2017 Osan art 110th anniversary Lee Jung Seob memorial art

                    Yongsan art hall exhibition showroom, Korea

May   2017 Rutherford Multicultural Festival, Lincoln Park, Rutherford, NJ, USA 

April  2017 Sosabeol art festival, Pyeongtaek-ho art museum, Korea

March 2017 Applying a spring color, Pyeongtaek-ho art museum, Korea

2015 Sosabeol International Interchange Exhibition Art Festival, Pyeongtaek Culture Center, Korea 

2014 Riverside Gallery Summer Special Collection,NJ,USA

2014 Nature, Human, Culture III, Pyeongtaek LakeGallery,Korea

2014 Artist of the year, 2014, Corea Famly Art Association,

Seoul, Korea

2014 K-art Communication of road project, Seoul, Korea

2013 Selected International Artists Exhibition,

TORRE BRANCA, Milano, Italy

2013 Collettiva d’arte a torre branca, Milano, Italy

2013 Sosabeol Osaka- Pyeongtaek Modern Art Exchange

Exhibition, Osaka, Japan / Pyeongtaek Lake Gallery,Korea

2012 “Art Exhibition for Little Stars”, Riverside Gallery, NJ, USA

2011 – 2014 Sosabeol Art Festival, Pyeongtaek, Korea

2011 Osan Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2010 – 2011 Korea – Chinese Cultural Fine Arts Interchange Exhibition

2009 Art Super Pyeongtaek Arts Invitational Exhibition,

Pyeongtaek Lake Gallery, Korea

2009 Korea – Chinese – Vietnam Cultural Fine Arts interchange

Exhibition, Vietnam

2002 – 2015 Gyeonggi Fine Arts Association Invited Exhibition,

Gyeonggi, Culture Center, Korea

2002 – 2012 Sosabeol Art Festival, Pyeongtaek Culture Center, Korea

2008 International Modern Art Exchange Exhibition, Japan

1999 – 2000 Seo-Yang-Su-Pyung, Gallery B-art Hall, Korea

1996 – 2011 Lantern of the East, Pyeongtaek Culture Center, Korea

Grants/ Awards

Nov, 2016   Demonstration (Solo Show) Tamblyn Field Civic Center 

                       NJ, USA

2015 Artworks selected by Christie Auction , UK

2007 Operation Committee member of Sosabeol Grand Fine

           Arts Festival, Korea

Member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Korea

Member of Osan Fine Arts Association, Korea

Member of Art Association of Rutherford New Jersey, USA

Member of Korean-New York Artist Association (KNYAA)